Implementation of Business Processes

Focus on organizational and operational efficiency. Creation and implementation of business practices with the generation of consistent and sustainable results.

Process Reorganization

Business dynamics require high capacity for change and adaptation. If your company does not have this dynamic; So it’s time to review your processes.

If you can not answer any of these items, it’s time to rethink your processes:

  • What were the improvements in the business in the last 6 months?
  • What is the performance of my best and worst processes?
  • Are all boundaries between departments clear?
  • Do I think more of my competitor than my business?

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Process Diagnosticss

  • Which process should I prioritize?
  • Do not know where to start?
  • Do a Business Process Diagnosis!


Office of Processes

PROCESS OFFICE is the key element for the company to organize itself by processes. It is the structure responsible for sustainably integrating the company’s processes.

  • Are the processes harmonic or is it all a big maze?
  • How is your company organized and flexible for market changes?
  • Are the processes transparent?
  • How to differentiate yourself from competitors?


Risk and Process Management

Risks and Processes are fundamental pillars of any organization; Good risk management and associated processes accelerate the company and allow it to advance faster.
Many organizations work these models in isolation and fail to realize the full potential of these organizational models.
Our proposal is to help your company work in an integrated way the risks and the processes.

  • What are the main risks of the company and how are they being managed?
  • Which processes present the greatest risk to the business?
  • Who owns these processes / risks?
  • Do controls bring process efficiency and mitigation in business?


Risk and Control Deployment

Implementation of risk management structures and controls.
If your company does not have a Crystal Ball, then it needs to implement or review your Risk Management.
Any business that does not have control over its risks is vulnerable to large losses.

  • Do I have an efficient and effective risk management company?
  • The controls are good, are they adequate?
  • What risks are unknown?
  • How much is it costing to control the risks? Do I have the right structure to manage and control risks?
  • We can help your company not have unpleasant surprises.


Implementation of Cobit Processes

Framework known worldwide for the definition and implementation of CONTROLS and PRACTICES IN TECHNOLOGY PROCESSES.
We can raise your IT governance level.

  • Do I use any recognized industry standard to increase the transparency of IT processes?
  • How are IT processes controlled?
  • Are the existing controls the most appropriate?
  • How long has IT been sustainable?


Implementation of ITIL processes

It is worldwide recognized as the main practice for processes attendance and delivery in the area of ​​TECHNOLOGY.
We implement ITIL with the integrated vision in the company’s processes. We can raise your IT governance level.

  • Are internal customers satisfied with IT service level?
  • How better the processes of service and delivery in IT?
  • Are the existing controls the most appropriate?
  • Is the team properly trained?


Improvement and Performance Programs

Tools and practices oriented to CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT. Our proposal is to create differential for your business.
What are the most innovative and efficient companies you know?
Well, know that they have improvement programs that stimulate this kind of environment; Focused on INNOVATION AND IMPROVEMENT.

  • What are the company's improvement tools?
  • What is the result of the improvement programs?
  • Is my environment good for innovation?
  • Are the results measured?