Privacy policy

Privacy policy

This document is intended to formalize the commitment to the security and privacy of information collected from users of interactive services on the LDMC website.

1. By registering on this site, the user will provide personal information, which will include, among others, name, address, telephone, email and market in which it operates. LDMC will ensure user privacy, as well as the information that it will make available, in accordance with strict security and confidentiality standards.

2. LDMC will not sell or lease your personal information to third parties, nor will you use or share it in any way other than that described in this Privacy Policy without your prior consent.

3. All information provided by users may be collected and used solely by LDMC. If a particular user wishes, their record can be deleted or deactivated.

4. The LDMC will only disclose the user information, when expressly authorized by the user; By court order; Or by force of law.

5. The information contained in information records is protected by passwords by the user, so that only the user has access to his or her personal information, without prejudice to the provisions of item 3 above. The user must watch over his password, avoiding the disclosure, voluntarily or involuntarily, to another person. The LDMC does not request a password by phone or email. The user should disconnect from the site and close the browser window when completing a session. It is a preventive measure, to prevent irregular and improper navigation by unauthorized third parties to use your password.

6. No data transmission over the Internet is absolutely safe. Therefore, in spite of all efforts that will be made to ensure the protection of the user’s personal information, LDMC will not be able to guarantee that the information transmitted to the LDMC while browsing this site will be safe. It is important to say that the user is solely responsible for maintaining the privacy of his password, and must be careful and responsible whenever he is browsing online.

7. You acknowledge and agree that the obtaining and use by LDMC of the information provided by you pursuant to this PRIVACY POLICY does not constitute any violation of the right to privacy and confidentiality, of copyright, publicity or any other Other right related to the protection of personal information. Nevertheless, the user is aware that the privacy rights are independent and are not confused with intellectual property rights, image rights, rights to honor and reputation and other rights of the personality, and therefore, not always the information that you provide To LDMC will be protected by them.

8. You may, when necessary, update your personal information. There are restricted access areas on this site. You acknowledge and agree that improper access to such areas should be considered an invasion of privacy. LDMC recommends that you review the Terms of Use of this site, of which this PRIVACY POLICY is an integral part.

9. The contents (text, file, image, sound) are protected by Law (“Law 9609/98”) and by “Law 9.610 / 98”, and modification, reproduction, storage, transmission, copying, distribution Or any other form of use, whether for commercial or non-commercial purposes, without LDMC’s authorization.

10. LDMC shall not be liable for damages and problems arising from the delay, interruption or blocking of data transmissions occurring on the Internet. The functions of this site are not confused with provision of Internet access, and LDMC is not obliged to provide information about the flow of data from users who access the site.

11. Whenever other organizations are contracted to provide support services, compliance with our privacy standards will be required.

12. Infringement attempts to the LDMC site will be treated, according to legal prescription, as damage, robbery or any other criminal typification provided for in the Brazilian Penal Code or other related rules.

13. LDMC may change the PRIVACY POLICY, established herein, at any time, as a result of the adoption of new technologies, changes in legislation or security and functioning needs of the web site, and any changes thereto will always be available on this site, making Valid from the date of its publication on the website. This PRIVACY POLICY does not revoke or replace other contractual instruments that address confidentiality and privacy and bind LDMC to any of the users because of the partnership and other relationships.