Process Governance

Process Governance is the best way to organize, measure and manage processes. High-level organizational models create differentiation and positioning in the performance markets.


Boards need to make sure that the performance measures that they depend on are right to use in relation to their business strategies.
Good governance is increasingly seen as the hallmark of a well-run business. There is no doubt that the Boards are under increasing pressure to implement good corporate governance, but how do they demonstrate this?
There are two aspects to this question: first, how to measure the “goodness” of governance itself; This we can call the exterior aspects turned outwards. Does good governance provide value to the company and shareholders? Second, there are the results of good governance in terms of company performance. What is the underlying performance of the company and how is it measured and communicated? As can be seen, taking measures of the business becomes in itself a crucial activity and will be seen as an integral part of corporate governance.
Many companies implement measures based on their performance; Fundamental characteristics of good performance measurement:
• broad-based measures
• structured understanding of the
• Provide feedback on performance
• take action on results.



As boards of directors need to measure the effectiveness of their governance, both external externalities and internal company performance, it can be understood that:
• Boards need to measure the external perception of their governance practices
• Performance measures should be complemented by contextual information about the business and its situation
• Measures should be unique to the organization and its competitive strategy
• The chosen performance measures should be used to
• Information can often be hidden or misinterpreted; The IT department can help manage this and use it for insights to improve direct performance.
LDMC can help your business in creating and structuring governance models.



Process Governance combining Process Elements (BPO, Performance and Lean, COE) with IT elements (Cobit, ITIL, EA and SOA).


TI Governance

Implementation of the Governance Model of Processes and Technology; BPO / COE / Office of Processes.

Process frameworks; EA / SOA Frameworks; Tools and Models of Maturity evaluation.